Mitsotakis: The Palestinian state is a condition for long-lasting peace

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasised the need to start the discussion on a possible political solution to the war conflict after the attack by Hamas on Israel in his intervention at the international conference being held in Paris, stressing that in the end, it will be the only lasting way to ensure the lasting peace in the region.

In this context, he added that the Palestinian state is a condition for long-lasting peace.

The prime minister also noted that given Greece's proximity to the region, the country expects to play an important role in the effort to provide direct aid to Gaza.

As he noted, there have been extensive discussions with Cyprus about the contribution of a maritime corridor and that Greece fully supports the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza in an increased manner, which can only be done by sea.

'Eliminating Hamas is not going to happen,' Palestinian PM tells FRANCE 24

Speaking to FRANCE 24 one month after the start of the Israel-Hamas war, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh called for "an immediate ceasefire" in Gaza, but said that "the Israelis don't want any ceasefire because today the Israelis are in the mood of revenge".

Shtayyeh argued that Israel's goal of eliminating Hamas "is totally not going to happen", and called for a "comprehensive solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as an "international intervention to put serious pressure on Israel".

Finally, Shtayyeh said he would like to see "general elections" held for the Palestinians.

Macron says Israel has ‘eminent responsibility’ of abiding by law

Speaking at the opening of a Paris conference on humanitarian aid for Gaza, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Israel has the right to defend itself, but that it also has an “eminent responsibility of abiding by law” as it responds to Hamas’s deadly October 7 attack.

Civilians in Gaza are “paying the price” of the Israel-Hamas war, Macron said, adding that the population “has to be protected”.

He added that “fighting terrorism can never be carried out without rules. Israel knows that. The trap of terrorism is for all of us the same: giving in to violence and renouncing our values.”

“All lives have equal worth and there are no double standards for those of us with universal and humanist values,” he said.

Macron says countries must 'work for a ceasefire' in Gaza

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that there must be a humanitarian pause very quickly in Gaza and that countries must also work for a ceasefire.

"Civilians must be protected, that's indispensable and non-negotiable and is an immediate necessity," Macron said at the start of a humanitarian conference on Gaza in Paris.

Israeli troops facing 'intense urban warfare' in Gaza as Hamas exploits tunnel network

Israeli troops are facing difficult conditions in Gaza as Hamas fighters exploit a vast tunnel network to stage quick attacks.

"I'm hearing from someone I know [who] came out of the fighting," ABC News foreign correspondent Jordana Miller reports to FRANCE 24 from Jerusalem. "He said, 'it's so difficult because some of the ... Hamas fighters are jumping out of tunnel shafts, they're firing anti-tank missiles, and then they're jumping back in and disappearing'."

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