Monica Bellucci enjoyed breakfast in Thessaloniki and blew kisses to the fans who cheered her

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is in Thessaloniki, and shortly before 12:30 today, she arrived at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, where she will hold the press conference.

Belluci, who in the evening will be honoured by the 64th Thessaloniki InternationalFilm Festival with the "Golden Alexander" for her overall contribution to cinema, has been in the city since Wednesday afternoon, with her fans rushing to take pictures with her where they see her.

She is staying in a central five-star hotel on Nikis Avenue, in a suite on the top floor overlooking Thermaikos. Shortly after noon, when she left for "Warehouse 1" in the port of Thessaloniki, where the Film Festival is held, she greeted the people below the hotel and took pictures with them.

The Italian star smiled at the journalists who were waiting for her there.

Just before the press conference began, Bellucci took off her black sunglasses and blew a kiss to the cameras.

According to Proto Thema, the famous actress' only request from the hotel is to respect her privacy, while she is particularly friendly and approachable to everyone.

In the morning, she had breakfast in the top-floor suite of her hotel. This included, among other things, croissants, honey and cake, without asking for anything special.

The Italian actess attended the premiere of the movie "Maria Callas: letters and Memories" by Tom Wolfe and Yiannis Dimolitsa.

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When she arrived outside the "Olympion" around 11:00 p.m., fans asked for autographs and chanted her name rhythmically while they also prepared a large banner for her.

Monica Bellucci, after greeting the attendees at the entrance of the festival, then went up to the stage of the Festival with prolonged applause from the audience and emphasised that Greece is deep in her heart.

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