Home with Mega: The concert of Konstantinos Argiros in Thessaloniki will be shown on November 11

Konstantinos Argiros

One breath before it returns energetically and opens its doors again, "Home with MEGA" travels to Thessaloniki for one and only evening!

"Home with MEGA On Tour" presents the great concert of Konstantinos Argiros on Saturday, November 11 at 22:00. The beloved music show, with an adventurous and extroverted mood, makes a trip to beautiful Thessaloniki.

The most successful folk singer of his generation, with consecutive No1 hits and countless sold out performances, Argiros in front of thousands of spectators will give us an unforgettable musical experience.

The presenter of the evening is Themis Georgantas. On the decks, DJ Antonis Dimitriadis sets the pace with a powerful DJ set.

Watch the trailer:

Fellow passengers on this beautiful journey, Mattheos Tsachouridis with his Pontic lyre will take us on a musical journey with traditional melodies. Andromache excites us with her explosive mood.

In a special musical meeting, Konstantinos Argiros and the rapper Rack will also perform.

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"Home with MEGA On Tour" comes on Saturday 11 November at 22:00 in an enjoyable away show.


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