Key Prosecution Witness Financed by Albanian Police, Claims Freddy Belleri

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Revelation - "bombshell": Freddy Belleri claims that the key prosecution witness against him was financed by the Albanian police.

The elected mayor of Himarra, Freddy Beleris, who is currently held in prison until his trial for electoral fraud, argues that this is a politically motivated case.

Beleris stated in an interview on OPEN TV that in any democratic country, the admission of the witness and the police director that the witness was financed would result in the end of the court case. He also pointed out that the prosecution was unaware of this fee given by the police.

Regarding the witness's request to testify in camera, Beleri criticized it as an illegality not provided by the procedure. He alleged that the witness falsely claimed his life was threatened, and the prosecution granted his request as a favor.

Beleri further commented on the Supreme Court's delay in granting him special permission to take the oath, which ultimately did not happen. He believes this shows that the justice system is not independent and aims to prevent him from taking up his duties as the elected mayor of Himarra.

In conclusion, Beleri urged his voters in Himarra to be patient and expressed his belief that justice will prevail.

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