Kolonaki: What the new square will look like after the metro opens - See video and photos

Kolonaki Square model

The proposal of the office XZA Architects is the one that prevailed among 12 in the architectural competition for the final configuration of Kolonaki Square after the completion of the works for Line 4 of the Metro system.

It emphasises highlighting the historical character of Kolonaki Square and the creation of pedestrian-friendly accesses with sustainable urban mobility and the necessary traffic regulations.

The study group consists of Theoni Xanthi, engineer architect; Anna-Maria Visalia, landscape architect; Konstantinos Zekkos, urban planner-planner engineer; Paraskevi Trivyzas, and transportation engineer.

3 32

4 19

5 35

6 21

9 15

The committee that gave the first prize notes that it is a "very interesting and bold proposal for a comprehensive revision of the square about the surrounding urban fabric. It has captured and handled height differences and accessibility well. They understand environmental planning, materiality and the wider urban planning scale well. It is a very good diagnosis of the urban surroundings of the square and the height differences for formulating the design approach. Key objectives are the transfer of life to the centre of the square, urban mobility and walking, and the recovery of the natural environment.

"The pedestrianisation of the southern street and the extension of the square to the building line are very positive. Particular emphasis has been given to bioclimatic and environmental design, green regeneration, water management and sound protection. The selection of Mediterranean vegetation with low maintenance needs and durability, the management of water by interception of rain by planted islands and absorbent floors and its collection at the lowest level for reuse, and the introduction of water as a cooling and playing element were evaluated positively."

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