Spiros Focas: Finos Films' tribute to the great actor (VIDEO)

Spiros Focas

The actor Spiros Focas passed away on the morning of Friday, November 10, at the age of 86. His wife, Lillian, announced the sad news in a Facebook post in which she wrote: "Good morning, my Spiro".

Finos Films honoured the actor with a video, writing in the caption of the publication:

"This morning, our beloved actor Spiros Focas flew to the home of angels. Charming, talented and low-key, Spiros was one of the first Greek actors to make an international career playing alongside big stars such as Liza Minnelli and Alain Delon.

However, His love for Greece always brought him back to his country, giving us a few notable appearances in Greek cinema, such as in the films "Egoism" and "Stephania", both by Yiannis Dalianidis.

"That dry clap will accompany you through all the scenes of your life as if it were a movie theatre until you reach the end credits." – Spiros Focas.eight

Our deepest condolences to his family.
Goodbye Spiros 💔"

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A few days ago, Lilian Foca posted a photo of the actor, who was suffering. Dimitris Kollatos visited him in the rehabilitation centre.

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From Patras to Hollywood

Spiros Focas was a Greek actor with a great career abroad, where he even participated in major Hollywood productions. He was born in Patras on August 17, 1937, and his real name was Spyros Androutsopoulos.

His father was a travel agent, and his mother came from Corfu. The Focas family came to Athens when the actor was nine years old.

He graduated from the Kostis Michaelidis School of Drama. He lived and worked for many years in America but returned to Greece.


Spiros Focas made his cinema debut in 1959 in Andreas Lambrinou’s “Bloody Sunset” film. The film was then screened at the Cannes Film Festival and was a milestone of his international career.

He was married four times, his first marriage taking place when he was 21 years old and the last when he was 76.

According to his statements, he never had children because he did not like the world he lived in, and therefore, he did not want to force any child to live in this world.

Selected filmography

  • Matomeno iliovasilemma (1959) – Giannos
  • Lygos, o leventis (1959) – Tasos Lygos
  • Diakopes stin Kolopetinitsa (1959) – Alekos
  • Death of a Friend (1959) – Bruno
  • Messalina (1960) – Lucio Massimo
  • Rocco and His Brothers (1960) – Vincenzo Parondi
  • Apolytrosis (1961) – Ilias
  • Psycosissimo (1961) – Pietro, l’autista
  • Run with the Devil (1960) – Marco Belli
  • Eighteen in the Sun (1962) – Johnny
  • A Man for Burning (1962) – Jachino
  • Anima nera (1962)
  • Egoismos (1964) – Kostas
  • A Bullet Through the Heart (1966) – Navarra
  • The Fear (1966) – Nikos
  • Ekeinoi pou xeroun n’ agapoun (1968) – Petros
  • Brosta stin aghoni (1968) – Timos
  • Zorro in the Court of England (1969) – Pedro Suarez / Zorro
  • Corbari (1970)
  • Basta guardarla (1970) – Fernando
  • Lover of the Great Bear (1971) – Alfred
  • A Matter of Time (1976) – (uncredited)
  • Holocaust 2000 (1977) – Harbin
  • I anametrisi (1979)
  • H stigmh ths alitheias (1979)
  • Diamantia (1979)
  • Sonia (1980) – Tonio
  • Souvliste tous! Etsi tha paroume to kouradokastro (1981) – Iasonas
  • The Jewel of the Nile (1985) – Omar
  • Sapounopetra: To hrima sto Laimo sas (1995)
  • Karagioz Dream (1996)
  • Biznes sta Valkania (1997)
  • Ntaiana i prigipissa tou laou (1999)
  • Vitsia gynaikon (2000) – Marios Venieris
  • Alexandros kai Aishe (2002)
  • Sti skia tou Lemmy Caution (2002)
  • L’ospite segreto (2003) – Uncle
  • 448 BC: Olympiad of Ancient Hellas (2004) – Empedocles
  • A Simple Love Story (2007)
  • I diathiki tou ierea Ioanni Meslier (2009)
  • Bring them back (2010)
  • Promakhos (2014) – Fotis
  • Vakxes (2015)
  • Raw Trip (2016) – Sheriff
  • O Thisavros (2017)
  • Outlanders 2018 (2018)

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