Kalymnos man hid ancient objects in the walls of his house! See the photos


The police officers of the local department were dazzled when they entered the house of a Kalymnos man to investigate after evaluating evidence he had illegal possession of antiquities as they found ancient objects embedded in the... masonry!

During the search of the suspect's residence, parts of marble constructions were found embedded in various parts of the house he had built and it is still unknown where he found them.

Also, six ancient clay amphoras and amphora parts of various dimensions were seized, as well as seven marble objects and a shotgun without a possession permit.

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All ancient objects fall within the protective provisions of the law and are kept to be handed over to the competent General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage who will date them and assess their value and origin.

As for those that cannot be detached from the building, confiscation was applied with escrow by the perpetrator, who was arrested and charges filed against him for illegal possession of antiquities and possession of weapons.

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