Vasilis Karras Celebrated his 70th birthday with his family yesterday

Vasilis Karras fame story

Vasilis Karras turned 70 years old, and friends and other musicians spoke on the morning show and sent him their warmest wishes.

Litsa Diamanti, Pitsa Papadopoulou, Stelios Rokkos, Lefteris Pantazis, Melina Aslanidou, and Konstantina wished him a happy birthday. Litsa Diamanti said, "I wish him to overcome all obstacles, to have good health because he deserves it, because he is one of the best colleagues I have worked with, and I love him very much…"

Pitsa Papadopoulou wished him, "Be well. I wish him a quick recovery from the bottom of my heart. I hope he does well and that we have him close to us…!"

Stelios Rokkos said on the morning show, "May he return to us quickly, strong and motivated… I have spoken with him, not recently, because I know him very well, he is a proud person and he doesn't want… he knows that we care for him."

Melina Aslanidou and Konstantina, who have sung "To Diliterio" together, also sent him wishes, along with Lefteris Pantazis, who made a revelation.

Happy 70th birthday Vasils Karras

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