Head Guard of Boeotia Police Faces Charges in Fatal Shooting of Roma Teenager

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The head guard of OPKE in Boeotia is facing charges of manslaughter with possible intent and illegal execution of a neutralization shooting regarding the fatal injury of the 17-year-old Roma on Saturday at midnight.

The 41-year-old police officer was brought to the Prosecutor of Thebes on Monday (13/11) to explain the death of the 17-year-old Roma. However, he requested and was granted an extension to provide his explanation on Thursday (16/11).

The 17-year-old was fatally shot following a chase when the car he was driving did not stop for inspection.

Police sources indicate that the 41-year-old head guard of OPKE in Boeotia claimed that during the vehicle inspection, the victim attempted to grab his gun, resulting in it being discharged and fatally injuring him.

As it has been announced by the Hellenic Police Headquarters, an Internal Affairs Investigation has been ordered, and at the same time, the results of the ballistics and forensic examination are awaited to shed more light on the circumstances under which the tragedy unfolded.

The chief guard's transfer to the courts took place under strict security measures, while friends and relatives of the victim gathered outside, demanding justice.

Strong police forces are surrounding the Roma settlement in Pyri, Boeotia, in an attempt to prevent any further incidents.


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