Riots across Greece after police shoot dead 17-year-old Roma


Roma rioted on Tuesday night in Megara, Thebes, Aliatro, Chalkida and Thessaloniki, who gathered to protest the fatal wounding of a 17-year-old by a police officer in Boeotia.

The riots in Megara resulted in the closure of the Athens-Corinth National Highway for about an hour in both traffic streams as the gathered Roma set fire to tires and threw stones on the road surface, Proto Thema reported.

Incidents also occurred in Aliatro and Thebes by groups of people who blocked the ring road of Thebes - Livadia with fires, while the area in Chalkida from Kamares to the bus station was blocked off.

Watch videos from Aliarto and Chalkida.

Finally, tensions also occurred in the settlement of Agia Sophia in Diavata, Thessaloniki.

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How the pursuit began - The testimony of a police colleague

At the same time, the affidavit of a colleague of the police officer accused of murdering the 17-year-old, as well as the victim's brother, came to light, while the puzzle was completed by a video from a security camera that recorded what happened on the fateful night.

In his testimony, the accused policeman's colleague referred to the chase, saying that it all started when they suddenly noticed a dark car coming at high speed from Livadeia towards Thebes, and behind it was a patrol car with its headlights on.

"Immediately, we understood that it was the vehicle pursued by the Aliartou police station, and we started immediately using both the vehicle's light signals and the car's horn, which I tell you is a conventional vehicle and not a coloured patrol car.

"The driver in our official vehicle was the officer, and I was in the passenger seat. The patrol car of the Aliartou police station followed from behind, with its lights and siren constantly on, which we could hear on the road.

"My colleague sped up, and we managed to approach the above vehicle whose license plate I clearly saw and reported it to centre 45."

The policeman then noted that as soon as the driver of the car noticed them, he sped up and deliberately moved to the left going into the opposite direction of traffic.

"The car in question was pitch black, and although we had turned on the headlights, we could not see at all how many people were inside it," he said.

"At some point, we reached the periphery of the village church, and there, the vehicle got stuck for a while because there was obstacles on the right and left, and another car turned in front of it, which cut off its path.

"We stopped right behind the vehicle. The driver immediately got out first and moved towards the driver's door of our front vehicle. Even at that moment, I still couldn't figure out how many people were in the car.

"Almost at the same time as Giorgos, I also got out of the patrol car and stood back exactly and diagonally from it so that I could also check the right side of it in case anyone got out of it.

"So Giorgos started giving orders to the vehicle's driver, shouting that we were police officers and telling him to get out. He didn't open the door, and he didn't even open his window.

"Giorgos grabbed the plunger, opened the car door, and shouted loudly to the driver, 'Police, get out.' But he did not obey and did not get out of the car. Then I saw Giorgos pulling the driver out while he was by the door, pulling him.

"Then I went out in front of the rear left door of the vehicle and saw that someone tried to get out of it, but I stopped him by closing the door. Arriving next door, I saw the driver of the vehicle with blood on his head and neck.

"Giorgos looked towards me and asked me what happened. At that time, I noticed that Giorgos's gun was in his belt holster."

"The policeman shot him once."

Revealing, however, is the testimony of the brother of the 17-year-old victim, who was with him on Saturday night.

“My brother saw a police car that signalled us, but he stepped on the gas, and the car followed. We continued towards Thebes, and at some point, we turned to go towards Leontari. My brother sped a lot.

"He doesn't have a license because he was seventeen years old. At some point, we entered the village of Leontari. I think the patrol car was following with lights on, and I heard the siren once, too.

"On a road in the village, we wedged into another parked car and stopped. The police car also arrived behind us. He stopped, and two police officers got out.

"The police driver of the jeep was holding a pistol in his hand, and with the front part of it, he hit my brother's window hard once. My brother opened the door wide, and the policeman kicked him in the ribs.

"He told him loudly, 'Get down.' My brother raised his hands, and as soon as he went to go out with his hands raised, he touched the pistol that was pointing at him, and the policeman shot him once."

What the 17-year-old's girlfriend testified to the police

In addition, the 17-year-old victim's girlfriend, who was a passenger in the vehicle, also gave her own version of what happened on the fateful night.

"Then the policeman came to Christos' window, knocked on his window without seeing what he hit the window with, opened the door and kicked him with the sole of his foot.

"Christos fell a little to the right, and then the policeman caught Christos with both hands and took him out of the car without me seeing what Christos was doing because I was sitting behind and to the right of the car.

"After that, I heard a shot since Christos was probably half out of the car."

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