Gaza conflict will not greatly impact Greek tourism, PM Mitsotakis forecasts

"The Role of Tourism in Greece's Future" during a conference organised by the newspaper "Proto Thema" at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (SNFCC).

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted Greek tourism's remarkable resilience, noting a post-pandemic global trend where people prioritize the need to travel. Addressing a panel discussion on "The Role of Tourism in Greece's Future" at a conference organized by "Proto Thema," Mitsotakis emphasized that the preference for experiential travel over product purchases is becoming a lasting trend.

Anticipating the limited impact of the conflict in Gaza on Greece's tourism, akin to the minimal effect of the war in Ukraine, Mitsotakis outlined the foundations laid for a new tourist product emphasizing quality, sustainability, and unique experiences to attract high-spending visitors.

He cautioned against using visitor numbers as the sole metric for tourism success and underlined the importance of visitors' economic footprint. Mitsotakis stressed the need for competitiveness, sustainability, leveraging cultural capital, and ensuring accessibility.

Discussing the Elliniko investment, he emphasized its role in showcasing the "new Greece" and contributing to a comprehensive rebranding effort for the country. Mitsotakis advocated for tourism regulation, addressing labour conditions and housing concerns in tourist areas, emphasizing the role of both large and small investments.

In conclusion, Mitsotakis tackled traffic congestion in Athens, calling for a new and sustainable urban mobility plan for the entire Attic basin.

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