Humanity Celebrates World Philosophy Day

Humanity Celebrates World Philosophy Day

Today, November 17, the humanity celebrates World Philosophy Day, which is observed on the third Thursday of November to honour philosophical reflections around the world.

Our troubled times would do well with more philosophical reflection, the sharing of thoughts and openly exploring and discussing new ideas on society’s challenges. In a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to free speech, the survival and flourishing of philosophical thought in academia, political and social life, is not only necessary, but imperative to our survival.

World Philosophy Day is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) initiative that draws people around the world to engage in shared reflection on contemporary issues. Various events and activities include:

  • Philosophical dialogues, debates, lectures, and meetings involving renowned philosophers.
  • International conferences on philosophical topics such as the connection between philosophy, education and culture.
  • Exhibitions and philosophy book fairs.
  • Philosophy cafes.

Philosophy has opened the door for new concepts and innovative ideas, laying the foundations of critical thinking, independence and creativity across cultures for many centuries. UNESCO introduced World Philosophy Day in 2002 to honour philosophical reflections throughout the world by opening spaces and encouraging people to share their philosophical heritage, opening their minds to new ideas, and inspire public debate on society’s challenges.

We salute our ancient and modern philosophers and those that believe and respect diversity of thought!

Humanity Celebrates World Philosophy Day

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