Greek drivers were distracted by Jennifer Lopez in her lingerie (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez

It's days like these that the debate about driver distraction flares up. And especially when this detachment is due to the appearances of a beautiful Latina like Jennifer Lopez...

The global advertising campaign of a well-known underwear company, with Jennifer Lopez as the model, also made its appearance on the Greek streets. Her shapely body is featured on buses, trolleys and bus stops, both in Attica and Thessaloniki, as part of the company's advertising campaign.

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Undoubtedly, driver distraction is a given , with talk of whether it affects road safety rife. Of course, on the incredibly congested streets of Attica and Thessaloniki, for some these ads seem like an oasis!

It reminded us of the uproar that took place 8 years ago in Milan with a similar case, again with underwear advertising.

It starred the model from Argentina, Belén Rodríguez. Her sexy pose and the hot underwear she was wearing distracted some drivers, leading local police to pull the ad.

Of course, that advertisement was placed high and not at the level of the driver's gaze, as the law stipulates.

"We found that many drivers, arriving at the intersection of Corso Buenos Aires and Via Palazzi, in Milan, instead of concentrating on driving, looked up at the double poster. We asked the company that placed the ad to change it to another one, less attractive to drivers," the head of traffic, Damiano Giabinetti, said at the time.

Be that as it may, Jennifer Lopez is one of the hundreds of daily causes of possible detachment of the Greek driver...

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