Thessaloniki: Turkish truck drove off a bridge - Shocking video


A truck fell off a bridge in the morning at the connection of the outer ring road of Thessaloniki, and as a result, the driver was slightly injured.

The Thessaloniki Fire Department was also called to the scene but did not have to intervene, as the driver got out of the vehicle by himself.

The heavy vehicle was moving on the Outer Ring Road at the height of Kalochori when, under unspecified circumstances, it hit the metal bars and fell from the bridge.

According to Proto Thema, the truck driver is a 50- to 55-year-old Turk. After the accident, he got out of the heavy vehicle by himself, and as soon as the ambulance arrived, he was conscious.

A little later, he was taken to the Papanikolaou hospital,.. having been injured on the left side of the body.

Watch the shocking video:


Φορτηγό έπεσε από γέφυρα στην εξωτερική περιφερειακή rthess thessaloniki rain accident

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The early rainfall in the urban complex of Thessaloniki and the slippery road surface caused traffic accidents with only material damage. Traffic congestion conditions prevailed on main road arteries.

See pictures of the shocking car accident:

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