Mass Resignation in SYRIZA's Human Rights Sector Signals Shift in Party Ideology

SYRIZA human rights

A mass resignation from the main opposition party, SYRIZA, was announced on Wednesday by many members of the Human Rights Sector of SYRIZA and the majority of its secretariat.

Among them are the Head of the Rights sector, Panos Lambrou, and the coordinator, Vasiliki Katrivanou, along with another 88 members.

“The emblematic Rights Sector, which had a significant presence in the field of human rights in the last 12 years with hundreds of actions, solidarity campaigns, initiatives, and announcements, effectively ceases to exist,” noted the resignation statement that was made public on Wednesday.

This party is no longer our home; we do not recognize ourselves within a formation that shifts further to the right every day, becoming more conservative and moving away from our vision of the world we want to create,” it added.

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