Pita Gyros becomes even more expensive and reaches €4

pita gyros

The times when simple pita gyros were an economical solution for food seem to have passed forever. In fact, according to the LiveNews report, the prices are expected to rise even more!

Specifically, as revealed by the president of the Attica steak sellers' union, there will be new increases, even in popular neighbourhoods of Athens and Piraeus, raising the cost even more - the pita gyros is about to break the "barrier" of four euros!

Today's average price for pita gyros in Attica ranges from 3.20 euros to 3.30 euros. Very soon, however, it will rise to 3.50 to 3.70 euros.

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Turnover is decreasing

Since the beginning of the month, there has been a decrease in turnover in the steakhouses of Attica, ranging from 20 to 30%. Traditional customers place smaller orders to decrease costs, while others have stopped.

Price comparisons are indicative. In Piraeus, the simple pita gyros has climbed to 3.70 from 3.20 euros, which was the most expensive last year at this time.


In Aegaleo, it is sold at 3.50 euros from the 3.20 it cost a year earlier, and in Kallithea at 3.60 from 3.40 euros. Kifissia and Vouliagmeni are already a breath away from the 4 euros, without the increases just around the corner.

Steakhouse owners say they cannot contain prices, with consumers seeing the cost of everyday life rise while wages, for most, remain the same.

However, according to MEGA, Mykonos has the lead in expensive souvlaki, with its price even reaching 15 euros in the summer.

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