Symbolic Ties: The Greek Flag Adorning Biden and King Charles

American President Joe Biden Greek Flag tie By Pagoni

US President Joe Biden also wore the " Pagoni " tie with the Greek flag that King Charles had on. The American president first owned the tie in 2017 during a meeting with the then-Deputy Secretary of State. King Charles had donned the tie to welcome the president of South Korea to London.

The tie with the Greek flag, part of the renowned collection of ties and men’s accessories from "Pagoni," was chosen by King Charles during the reception of the president of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, in London.

The heir to Queen Elizabeth, who has Greek roots, opted to wear this particular tie on his recent trip to Kenya. As reported on protothema.Olia Pagoni has had the same tie in her collection since 2017, and American President Joe Biden also wore it. She said, "As I saw in the photos, we are discussing the same tie.

Now, how it came into the hands of King Charles, I do not know. Maybe someone on his behalf came and bought it from our stores, or it was given to him as a gift." The tie with the repeated motif of the Greek flag was also worn by Joe Biden in 2022, thereby honouring the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his visit to the White House. However, the history of this particular tie dates back to 2017 when Joe Biden, as vice president of the USA at the time, exchanged ties with Deputy Secretary of State Terence Quick at a meeting they had during an environmental day in Athens on the sidelines of the first European Conference of the Concordia organization.

In a telegram at the time, APE-MPE reported, "Former US Vice President Joe Biden and Deputy Secretary of State Terence Quick, where they exchanged ties, are photographed during a meeting they had on the sidelines of the first European Conference of the Concordia organization taking place in Athens, on the topic of the environment, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017."

Terence Quick had shared the moment on Twitter a few hours after the meeting between the Greek Prime Minister and the American President. He wrote, "The exchange. 'Do you trade your tie with mine?' Potus had told me. I was glad he saved her to find the right opportunity. I should add that the tie is GREEK by PAGONI."

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