Greeks returned to theatres and concerts in a HUGE way in 2022

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The return of Greeks to theatres and concerts was marked in 2022 by the mitigation of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. This is shown by the survey data of state-municipal theatres and orchestras for 2021-2022 published today by the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

The survey of state-municipal theatres and orchestras is an annual census survey. The data collected relate to the type of show (ancient, classical and modern drama, comedy, opera, concert, etc.) and the number of works, performances and spectators per type of show in state and municipal theatres and orchestras.

From the results of the research of the year 2022 regarding the activity of the state-municipal theatres and orchestras in the corresponding one of the year 2021, there is an increase of 94.5% in the number of works, by 159.6% in the number of performances and by 110.3% in the number of viewers. In absolute numbers, 1.83 million viewers were recorded in 2022 from 868,929 viewers in 2021.

Also, the number of performances reached 4,283 from 1,650 and the number of plays to 2,139 from 1,100. As the relevant data show, the concerts gathered the greatest interest of the world during the winter and summer seasons. In second place during the winter period was the children's theatre, and during the winter period, the ancient drama.

In detail, regarding the movement of state-municipal theatres and orchestras during the winter season, it is observed that the largest number of spectators was recorded at concerts (160,998), children's theatre (91,418) and opera (51,196). During the summer season, the largest number of spectators is observed in concerts (554,333), ancient drama (186,649) and children's theatre (90,600).

The total grants received by state and municipal theatres and orchestras in the year 2022 amount to 46,867,131 euros, showing a decrease of 3.8% compared to the previous year. In total, in 2022, there were 91,956 seats available in the state-municipal theatres and in the theatres from 70,368 seats in 2021.

The area of ​​the halls in 2022 reached 27,631 sq.m. from 19,357 sq.m. in 2021. Accordingly, the area of ​​the tents went to 18,063 sq.m. in 2022 from 14,730 sq.m. in 2021. The total number of employees was 3,668, of which 1,555 were artists, 511 were administrative staff, and 1,602 were other staff (technicians, taxi drivers, etc.).

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