MYKONOS: Little Venice was flooded from the storms

Little Venice Mykonos

Bad weather with strong winds and thunderstorms hit many parts of Greece overnight, with torrential rains causing many problems.

Little Venice turned into a swimming pool from the strong storms, and the picturesque alleys in Matogiannia were flooded.

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Several boats cancelled their sailings on Saturday due to gale-force winds at sea, part of the weather phenomenon that will affect Greece with high winds, rain, and snow further north at least until midday on Sunday.

Specifically, the ferries 'Venizelos' to Chania and 'Kriti 2' to Iraklio on Crete will not be sailing from Piraeus.

The shorter runs between Piraeus and the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf are carried out only on closed-type boats.

Rafina and Lavrio schedules, off the eastern coast of Attica, are cancelled.

Also cancelled are the lines Agia Marina-Nea Stira, Kavala-Prinos, Rio-Antirrio, and Killini-Zakynthos schedules.

Passengers should contact port authorities and travel agencies for the latest schedule information.

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