Today is World's Olive Tree Day

20231126 203140

Both Unesco and the International Olive Council have designated November 26 as World's Olive Tree Day.

There are numerous reasons why we should celebrate this symbol of peace and harmony. Here are a few:

Olive trees contribute to the environment: Olive trees have various environmental benefits. They help preserve natural resources and biodiversity, and they play a role in combating global warming and desertification. Studies have shown that olive cultivation increases carbon dioxide fixation in the soil. With their presence in 56 countries, olive trees also promote sustainable farming and expand agricultural areas worldwide.

The Mediterranean diet's secret to good health: Olive trees produce olives and olive oil, both of which are highly nutritious and healthy. They are key components of the Mediterranean diet and are often included in recipes by esteemed chefs due to their high quality and nutritional value. Olive oil, known for its antioxidant properties and therapeutic benefits, has been shown to help prevent various diseases, including cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and obesity.

A symbol of life:

Olive trees hold a special place in human history and have been considered sacred since ancient Greek times. They have always been associated with concepts such as longevity, peace, harmony, growth, rebirth, and friendship. Numerous artists, poets, and writers from around the world have drawn inspiration from olive trees.

Towards the end of 2020, IOC member countries account for 90% of olive oil and table olive exports, 70% of consumption and 95% of total world production. A fine achievement after more than 60 years of working towards a better world.


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