5 Reasons Why You Need to Avoid Doritos


Did you know?? The Dorito didn't start out as the fluorescent cheesy triangle we all know. First, it was a regular, salted tortilla chip. And it was incredibly unpopular. Then came the breakthrough. Frito Lay devised a way to import a taco's savoury, satisfying taste onto a fried piece of cornmeal. All it took was the right flavour chemicals. Voila! Born the Dorito.

Eating just one, two, or even three Doritos is virtually impossible. Try as you might, before you know it, your hand has reached into the bag over and over again, it's at least half gone, and your thumb and forefinger are coated in that telltale orange dust. There's no way you could ever pretend that you hadn't just been eating the iconic nacho cheese-flavoured chips — your stained digits are a dead giveaway (which of course, you have to lick clean because washing your hands would be a tragic waste of flavour). But as much as you love eating these chips, be it Cool Ranch, Cheese Supreme, or Salsa Verde, you probably don't know all that much about your favourite snack.

DoritosAs a certified health coach who spends time teaching about ingredients in our food, I am here to say this popular snack should be avoided at all costs as it's made with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives and additives.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to avoid Doritos

1. They're made with genetically modified corn

The first ingredient on Doritos list is corn, but it's actually genetically modified corn. GMOs have been linked to increasing allergies and inflammation, as well as disorders affecting the digestive and reproductive systems.

2. The artificial colours aren't good for you either

Ever wonder how Doritos get their classic orange shade? Well, it's from a slew of hydrogenated oils and dyes including Yellow #5, Yellow # 6, and Red #40, which can each be harmful to your body. These dyes are made from petroleum and are considered toxic. For example, long-term side effects of eating Red #40 can include immune disorders, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D., especially in children.

3. That's not all you'll find in there ….

In fact, most Doritos' flavour comes from mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), salt, and sugar, a “trifecta" that can cause harm to your body if over-consumed. Want to know why you can’t eat just one? MSG is a menacing flavour enhancer found in almost all processed and packaged foods. This flavour enhancer is linked to a host of health issues, including obesity, fatty liver, high insulin and blood sugar, high cholesterol, liver toxicity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, disturbance to the gut-brain connection, and neurotoxicity. MSG intensifies the tastiness of any treatment, and this makes you desire it even more. It has been shown to make us resistant to leptin (leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full). Why would you ever put down a snack if your brain never gets the message to stop eating it?

4. They're fried in unhealthy oils

Doritos are fried in vegetable oils that have been processed and can lead to an increase of free radicals in the body. They're also genetically modified and loaded with trans fats, which can cause inflammation, compromised immunity, increased circulation of bad estrogen, and a lack of nutrients.

5. The artificial flavours are chemicals created in a lab

Flavours give your food a special “kick” that keeps you coming back for more thus increasing your cravings and pant size. The inability to stop eating because these flavours trick your mind into wanting more and more. It takes a lot of food additives to create those unusual flavours that so many people savour.

Most people are overeating these days, and more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight, Canada and Australia not too far behind. Sadly, Greece has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Even worse, the proportion of overweight children in Greece is about 40%. Processed, artificially flavoured foods like Doritos have a lot to do with this, as these chemicals make you eat more than you normally would.

Maria Crokos Doritos

I encourage everyone to read the labels and understand what’s in their food. Once you understand what’s in it, you have a better chance of staying away from it or limiting your consumption. When you are empowered, you see through the marketing antics spent by these Big Foods and can avoid eating Frakenfoods like these. Hopefully, the next time you stroll around the supermarket, you will skip the chip aisle.

Follow my Instagram page @wewelltogether, where I teach you which dirty ingredients to avoid and show you how to read food labels and more. Maria Crokos is a certified holistic health coach living in Montreal, Canada. She earned her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest globally renowned nutrition school. She advocates for women’s health, clean eating, especially for children, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

by Maria Crokos



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