Did you know there is a 'Made in Larissa' plane?

made in larissa plane

The Soukos Robots plane will be handed over to the police and used to train the elite Special Forces...

A special plane was made and transported on the national road network heading towards Athens. In particular, three trucks loaded an aircraft that had been... cut up so that it could be transported and delivered to the final destination.

This particular plane was made in Larissa by Soukos Robots.


Ποιο είναι το Made in Larisa αεροπλάνο; – Aποκλειστικές εικόνες! Το αεροπλάνο της Soukos Robots θα παραδοθεί στην αστυνομία και θα χρησιμοποιείται για να εκπαιδεύονται οι επίλεκτοι άνδρες των Ειδικών Δυνάμεων #newsauto #newsautogr #saribal

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The company in question is the same one that has previously manufactured the Minotaur military vehicle (the one that shoots down drones with lasers). At the same time, it even cooperates with the American army, for which it recycles ammunition.

The plane does not... fly as it is made to be used by the Special Forces of the Police in training matters. Based on this, scenarios of hijacking, terrorism, etc., will be carried out so that personnel are prepared even for such incidents.

They made it in 6 months.

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The 35-metre-long plane has been built from scratch, and such construction is being done for the first time in Greece.

According to News Auto's information, it took about six months; 40 skilled professionals and workers worked for it, while the iron used exceeded 70 tons.

Corresponding planes do not even exist in advanced countries, which is a great success for the special forces and the Greek company that specialises in innovative constructions.

Floods and… plane

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It should be noted that behind the design and implementation of its construction is the inventor Kostas Soukos, who, together with his team, once again created a unique product.

He resurrected his company based in Larissa, destroyed by the floods that hit Thessaly in an incredible time.

Transport problems

The transport of the plane proved to be demanding as they had to assist in addition to escorting vehicles, patrol cars, and the Greek police's motorcycles. The concerns mainly focused on the bridges as the height was limited, and the trucks had to slow down to avoid contact.

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The big problem was created with the width of the wings, which was such that it forced those responsible to cut them down to be able to pass through certain parts of the national road network.

As it turned out, another Greek construction took shape and showed that much can be achieved as long as there is vision and will.

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