Emma Stone's Surreal Athens Photo-shoot

Emma Stone Front Cover Of W magazine

In a whimsical collaboration with her "The Favourite" director, Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone takes centre stage in a surreal photoshoot set against the backdrop of Athens. The 35-year-old actress, featured on the cover of W magazine's Art Issue, embraces an avant-garde aesthetic, co-starring with a doll in a visual narrative inspired by Yorgos' artistic vision.

Draped in a pleated, tiered Louis Vuitton dress reminiscent of Yorgos' office drapes, Emma embarks on a captivating journey through desolate scenes that echo the urban decay of the Greek capital. The series captures a tender bond between Emma and the doll, portraying a unique connection as they navigate deserted parks, streets near docked cruise ships, and other mysterious locales.

In an insightful interview within the pages of W magazine, Emma reflects on her creative relationship with Yorgos and playfully expresses a wish for all her movies to be silent. Having earned critical acclaim for her role in "The Favourite," the duo is now anticipating the release of their upcoming film, "Poor Things," a Victorian-era tale of resuscitation and unconventional adventures.

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Emma Stone's Surreal Athens Photo-shoot 1

The interview provides a glimpse into Emma's desire for silent films, sparked by their collaboration on the silent project "Bleat," where she starred alongside a goat, the true 'star' of the film. Discussing their evolving artistic partnership, Emma and Yorgos open up about their foray into film photography, showcasing a series of captivating images captured during their Athens escapade.

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Emma Stone's Surreal Athens Photo-shoot 2

This surreal photo shoot is a visual spectacle and highlights the multifaceted collaboration between Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos, offering a silent ode to the beauty of art and creative synergy.

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