Taxi drivers in Athens announce new strike over government’s tax reform proposal

Tesla taxi in Greece

The government wants multinationals to take over the sector, union says

Taxi drivers in Athens announced a new strike because of the government’s tax reform proposal concerning freelancer professionals.

The taxi drivers’ union, SATA, noted the strike will start Dec. 5 for 48 hours.

“The tax bill under consideration is an undisguised intention to destroy every form of individual entrepreneurship. It is a brutal murder of human dignity and the values ​​that a democratic country is supposed to provide to its citizens,” it said.

The union demanded that the government withdraw the bill and argued that the officials wanted to transfer the sector’s control to multinational companies.

The government wants to introduce minimum presumptive taxable income and income tax on claims that tax evasion is widespread among freelancer professionals.

Out of the 750,000 freelancers in Greece, 500,000 declared that they have incomes only from freelancing, while 250,000 claimed incomes from salaries and or pensions, according to 2022 statistics.

Thirty-seven per cent of freelancers paid no income tax.

About 21,000 freelancers declared incomes lower than the minimum guaranteed income limits -- €2,400 ($2,611) for a one-person household and €3,600 for a couple -- and consequently received at least €200 per month from the state.​​​​​​​

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