The IDF is operating in Israel with Greek Rafnar boats (PHOTOS)


The Israel Defense Forces are using their military operations high-speed inflatable boats that they recently bought from Greece.

The war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas continues, and no one knows when it will end. For now, there has been a truce. However, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) has made it clear that the war will not stop unless they destroy Hamas.

In this war, the Israel Defense Forces have used very modern weapons to be as effective as possible in their operations and to have the least losses.

What few people know is that the Israeli army also operates with high-speed boats that have been built in Greece. Posting on the internet and specifically on its official account, the Rafnar company displayed one of them, specifically the Tactical version available to the IDF.

The vessel built in Greece is one of the eight that Israel will receive and has been acquired following a recent international tender.

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Israel bought eight boats

The first of the eight taken by the IDF was received last September. One more followed while the remaining six will be sent in the coming period.

The Rafnar 40 tactical has three Yamaha outboard engines with a total power of 900 hp (3×300). The Israelis made the choice, while it is worth mentioning that the specific boats are equipped with a high-resolution thermal camera, the value of which reaches 190,000 euros.

A protective cage for the engines, bottle holder, side ladder, etc., has been placed outside.

Four special seats have been placed inside so the armed soldiers can operate with all the equipment, while there is also a gunner.

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From 500,000 euros

In any case, each vessel is adapted according to the service requirements of each country.

This Rafnar 40 tactical price range starts from 500,000 and reaches 800,000 euros, depending on the engines and equipment.

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Images from News Auto.

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