Writer and former MP Vassilis Vassilikos dies aged 89

Vassilis Vassilikos

Internationally acclaimed and widely translated Greek author Vassilis Vassilikos, a former MP and Ambassador of Greece to UNESCO died on Thursday at the age of 89.

One of Greece's most prolific writers, who published more than 100 works of literature, including novels, plays and poetry, the award-winning Vassilikos was best known for the political novel 'Z', which was translated into 32 languages and later adapted as the award-winning film 'Z' directed by Costas-Gavras, as well as inspiring the well-received Indian film "Shanghai".

After his exile from Greece after a military junta took power in Greece in 1967, Vassilikos was mainly based abroad until 1994, barring the years 1981-1984 when he returned to Greece to take over as director of the public broadcaster ERT.

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