Greek travellers stranded in Munich by bad weather - 'All flights cancelled one after the other'


The snow in Munich reached a record height for the month of December, causing widespread problems in air, road and rail transport. The extremely difficult conditions prevailing at the Munich airport due to the heavy snowfalls and the unprecedented suffering experienced by hundreds of travellers are described to Proto Thema by a Greek woman who travelled to Germany for business reasons.

"We were supposed to fly at 9:25 p.m., a flight which was cancelled at 20:40. They issued us a ticket for today at 14:30 (Saturday), but the airport was closed until noon due to the bad weather. At 11 in the morning, Lufthansa informed us that this flight had also been cancelled. And they sent us a third flight for tomorrow morning, but again, they cancelled it afterwards, and now we have to find a way to leave on our own."

The Greek woman added that her suitcases, like the luggage of our compatriots trapped in Munich, were still at the airport.

"The queue for shuttle buses and taxis was 600 metres long, so you can imagine how difficult it was to leave the airport in which several of our people with special needs are also trapped, as you can see in the videos. We managed to get to a hotel to sleep, and tomorrow, we will try again to approach the airport in the hope of being able to fly to Greece," she added.

More than 760 flights were cancelled at Munich Airport on Saturday due to heavy snow, which has hit much of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After initially announcing the suspension of air traffic until noon on Saturday, the airport later announced that flights would be cancelled until 06:00 on Sunday. Other regional airports like Zurich also announced weather-related flight delays and cancellations.

Meanwhile, bus, tram and train services in Munich were also suspended due to the snow. Munich's central train station was closed to arrivals, while intercity services were ultimately suspended.

German railways warned that rail traffic would be "severely affected" until Monday. At the same time, a vast number of travellers were stranded at Munich's central station.

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Police on Saturday asked Munich residents not to use their cars unless absolutely necessary. In some areas of southern Bavaria, CNN reported that residents were even asked not to leave their homes due to the weather conditions.

On Saturday, Bavaria's public broadcaster said that 44cm of snow in Munich was the most snowfall in December since records were kept in 1933.

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