December 3, 1824: Greek War of Indepence Hero Panos Kolokotronis was murdered

Panos Kolokotronis

Born in Zakynthos, Panos Kolokotronis (1800 - December 3, 1824) was a Greek Fighter during the Revolution of 1821.

The first-born son of Theodoros Kolokotronis, he was a well-educated man - a master of Ancient Greek, a Mathematician, and fluent in French and Italian.

He was also married to the daughter of Laskarina Bouboulina, Eleni.

Panos dropped everything at the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence, fighting alongside his father during the Siege of Tripolitsa (1821), the Battle of Valtetsi (1822), and the Battle of Dervenakia (1822).

Panos Kolokotronis was murdered during the tragic Civil Wars that gripped the Greek Revolution (1823-25), pitting allies against each other and straining friendships and loyalties.

While walking through Arcadia towards his father at the camp they had set up, Panos Kolokotronis and his entourage were set upon and attacked by a group of Government mercenaries.

A shot was fired at the head of Panos Kolokotronis, killing him instantly.

He was then stripped of all his belongings, as well as all the clothes he was wearing.

Theodoros Kolokotronis understandably shattered, was also jailed by the Government.

Panos Kolokotronis’ skull is kept at and can be seen at the National Historical Museum in Athens.

Theodoros Kolokotronis fathered another son born in 1836, whom he named Panos in memory of his eldest son. A Colonel in the Greek Army, he was also the Commander of the Hellenic Military Academy (Ευελπίδων) (1881-1885).

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