Turkish President Erdogan Hopes for Fresh Beginning in Bilateral Relations with Greece

mitsotskis erdogan Turkish media

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed hope for a fresh start in bilateral relations with Greece on Saturday. He stated that he hopes a new era will begin between the two countries and emphasized the need for more friendship and less enmity.

Erdogan announced his upcoming visit to Greece scheduled for December 7th, where he plans to take a win-win approach to discuss bilateral relations and Turkey-EU relations. He stressed the importance of nurturing positive relations given the proximity and intertwined history of the two nations.

Erdogan also mentioned the issue of external influences, pointing out that the US provides military equipment to Greece but not to Turkey. Despite this, he stated that Turkey will not back down and will seek dialogue with its neighboring country.

Erdogan advocated for a diplomatic approach and highlighted the potential for collaboration on mutually beneficial subjects. The Greek-Turkish High-Level Cooperation Council will take place in Athens on December 7th.

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