Konstantinos Vassalos learned that Dua Lipa is single - "She definitely wants me now"

Konstantinos Vassalos, Dua Lipa

The separation of Dua Lipa from Romain Gavras was commented on the "Smile Again" set on Sunday, December 3.

Konstantinos Vassalos, who has expressed his weakness for the singer in the past, did not hesitate to comment on the event and share his joy at the news.

First, he said: "Dua Lipa broke up! After eight months! She definitely wants me now."

And then they showed a photo of the former 'Survivor' player with a wax figure of the singer. "Look here, aren't we a nice couple? See how we are as a couple? Am I no match for Dua?" he commented.

"First of all, let me tell you something, Dua Lipa. If I see her on the street, I won't recognise her. It reminds me of a lot of people. My child, it's not Beyoncé," Sissy Christidou said in turn.

"I have sent her countless messages," revealed Konstantinos Vassalos. "She hasn't answered me."

He proceeded to read a message on the show's air: “ Hello, Dua Lipa. I'm Konstantinos from Greece. You are very beautiful and talented. I hope one day to meet you".

"I have my way, but I flirt..." he joked and said at the end: "I'll send her a selfie."

Konstantinos Vassalos went viral on Instagram last summer when he sent Dua Lipa: "Hi, Dua. I am Konstantinos from Greece. You are very beautiful and talented. I hope to meet you one day."

A few months later, the former reality TV player and Instagrammer 'met' the famous British pop star. He travelled to the Netherlands and posted a snapshot of the "meeting" with Lipa through an album of his photos.

She poses next to an effigy of herself and writes: "It took a journey to conquer you, O Dua!!!!!".

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