Emma Stone says she has nothing in common with Yorgos Lanthimos

Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone

In the last few days after the release of W magazine, where the new photos of Yorgos Lanthimos, starring Emma Stone, and taken in Athenian neighbourhoods, were published, the actress and the director spoke to the New York Times about their collaboration and their new film Poor Things.

“I’m a girl from Arizona and he’s a guy from Athens. I don’t know how this worked,” Stone said in their joint interview.

She also emphasised that she has full confidence in him and that "and as an actor, it’s the best feeling ever, because it’s so rare that you feel like whatever you do, you’re protected by your director."

According to her, the Oscar-winning actress has nothing in common with the director, as they come from completely different backgrounds, and yet at the same time, this relationship has worked so well that they seem to share a lot in common.

The issue of trust between them is very important, as the role she plays in the film Poor Things involves various difficulties, and Lanthimos was always by her side to support her when she felt strange or had a particularly emotional charge.

For Stone, the filming was very intense and in fact on the last day she cried a lot, both because she was exhausted and because she didn't want it to end. Their collaboration once again flowed very harmoniously, despite the fact that, as was said in the interview, Yorgos Lanthimos is very stressed when he makes films.

A very interesting point of the conversation they had shed light on the love scenes of the film, in the context of which Emma Stone emphasised that the trust she has in her director is the key to simplify difficult parts of the shooting like these. Among others, they had the help of an expert for filming sex scenes, while every time they filmed one of them there were only 4 people in the room.

In their interview, Stone also said that they met in June 2015, in order to talk about The Favorite, and she even at first was afraid that Lanthimos would be scary, but in the end she felt very comfortable with him and they had a very nice conversation. The director meanwhile heard many negative responses to his efforts to promote the script of this particular film, until he managed to shoot it and send it to the Oscars, where it was nominated for ten awards.

35-year-old Stone and 50-year-old Lanthimos are one of the most beloved creative couples in modern cinema, with cinephiles all over the world eagerly awaiting the premiere of their new film, which comes to the US in December and Greece in January.

In the film, which has already won an award at the Venice Film Festival, Stone plays Bella Baxter, a young woman who is resurrected by a scientist who tries to rebuild her from scratch by replacing her mind with another, which results in enormous changes in her life.

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