"New Left: The name of the new party formed by the SYRIZA breakoffs

Nea Aristera, New Left

"New Left" is the name of the new Parliamentary Group of the left that was announced at "Serafio" on Piraeus Street by the 11 independent MPs who left SYRIZA -Progressive Alliance.

They are Effie Achtsioglou, Alexis Haritsis, Nasos Iliopoulos, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, Theano Fotiou, Sia Anagnostopoulou, Meropi Tzoufi, Euclid Tsakalotos, Peti Perka, Chousein Zeimpek and Ferhat Ozgur.

During the event, short presentations were made by Effie Achtsioglou, Nasos Iliopoulos, and Euclid Tsakalotos. This was followed by the speech of Alexis Haritsis and the unveiling of the name and the symbol of the new party in red, green, purple and white.

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Nea Aristera, New Left

"Alexis Haritsis has the political constitution, but above all, the ethos that makes us proud", said Effie Achtsioglou in her intervention and emphasised that their goal is meeting all the leftists to create a majority current.

Nasos Iliopoulos, referring to the new party, said that "we should not wait for degeneration to act. We need to put content back at the centre of politics. We do not settle for the current map of politics. We aspire to give militant answers to the New Democracy government," he said.

"We start with hope and responsibility. We are here to make politics. We are not generals; we call on the people to discredit in politics," said Mr Tsakalotos.

The speech of Alexis Haritsis, the head of the new party in the Parliament, followed this.

"Something new and hopeful is being created", he said and spoke of thousands of citizens embracing the new venture. He also added that the Left is in danger of political obsolescence and that the Right has succeeded in imposing its agenda.

"This affects citizens' lives and our Republic's quality," he noted and argued that the country is trapped in a non-developmental model that breeds anger in society. "Our responsibility is to inspire and remind that the Left can emphasise in his speech."

"The battle of the European elections is a confrontation in which we will join forces with those who want to participate in this common march to record it as the consolidation of our new political space. In this battle, we will be there," he added.

Mr. Haritsis, in his speech, said that their goal is to draw up a specific and documented program and create a new model of politics away from leadership. We want to do politics differently and to bring together people who were not with us until yesterday.

"This meeting is the prototype for what we want to build. Left of the 21st century," he noted. He called the remaining 10 MPs to the floor, revealing that the name is "New Left."

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