The new tax crushes Greek kiosks, the periptero

tax greek kiosks

"Sudden death", Theodoros Mallios, president of the Panhellenic Federation of Wage Stands, described the proposed provisions of the bill to limit tax evasion, especially on the Greek kiosks, known as the periptero.

"In the way you defined us tax-wise, with the average VAT, you have also included the retail trade of erotic content, sex shops. Jokingly, with black humour, let me say that we will really need to match the sex shops because if this continues and you don't change it, we will need their sexual aids", said Mr Mallios.

"It is not possible to tax us with 5% on a mixed basis, as in cigarettes, where our average is 4%, with mobile cards at 0.80%, with tickets at 3%. That is, we make 3% and you get 5% from us. "Is there a court, European or Greek, that will not accept such an appeal?", said Mr. Mallios.

The president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hired Kiosk Operators also referred to the obligation to install POS at the kiosks. As he noted, 80% of the turnover at the kiosks does not have tax avoidance, because it comes from the products of large tobacco companies or from large telecommunications companies.

“In the remaining 20%? Of course we admit that we evade taxes. We have to survive somehow. As for the fight, we pigeons, as you know, are exposed on the sidewalks and various other places where public works and so on are done. How do we prove this? So will you send us the rector - bogey?" said Mr. Mallios.

Greek taxi drivers launch 48-hour strikes in protest against new tax bill

Taxi drivers across Greece have declared 48-hour strikes this week in protest at the government’s new tax bill, which, they say, puts an undue burden on freelancers and self-employed professionals, and deals a blow to their sector.

In Athens, taxi drivers, who belong to the capital’s powerful SATA union, will be on strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, while planning an additional stoppage when the relevant legislation goes to Parliament for ratification, possibly on Thursday.

In Thessaloniki, northern Greece, meanwhile, cabbies are walking off the job from 5 a.m. on Monday until 5 a.m. on Friday, in line with colleagues in other parts of the country who belong to the nationwide union, POEIATA.

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