Thessaloniki Metro: The first ticket will be issued in November 2024, says the CEO of the manufacturer

thessaloniki metro

The assurance that in less than a year, specifically in November 2024, the Thessaloniki metro will sell tickets to passengers was made by Alexandros Exarchou, Vice President and CEO of Intrakat, confirming that the completion of the Metro is a first priority for the construction company, 18 almost years after the signing of the project, in June 2006.

He noted, according to Ypodomes, that since the day AKTOR transferred to Intrakat, the project has been running towards completion.

The CEO stated that the project has been completed constructionally and is now in the stage of installing the electromechanical.

"We made the orders for the computers, we paid, and now we are moving to the installation stage," he said characteristically.

As Mr. Exarchou pointed out, as soon as the E/M cycle is completed, test routes will begin with all systems in operation. This will also mean the countdown to commercial operation, and this is scheduled for next November when the main line of the Thessaloniki Metro will start serving passengers.

Vice President and CEO of Intrakat gave an outline for the countdown of the projects, which, with the entry of 2024, will now count 18 years from the day of signing in June 2006.

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