Survey: 7 out of 10 Greeks believe that the country benefited from joining the EU

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More than seven out of ten Greeks and Europeans believe that their country has benefited from EU membership and that EU actions impact their daily lives, according to the European Parliament's Eurobarometer survey, released today, six months before the European elections (June 6-9).

According to the Eurobarometer survey, 72% of EU citizens and 73% of Greek citizens believe that their country has benefited from joining the EU. The main reason for 50% of Greek respondents is the EU's contribution to maintaining peace and strengthening security (34% in the EU). Also, for 34% of European respondents, the main reason is the improved cooperation between the countries of the Union.

87% of Greeks (the third highest percentage in the EU, after Cyprus and Malta), compared to 70% of Europeans, believe that EU actions impact their daily lives.

45% of Europeans and 43% of Greeks have a positive image of the EU, while 38% of Europeans and Greeks have a neutral image, and 16% of Europeans against 19% of Greeks have a negative image. For 61% of Europeans, against 49% of Greeks, their country's participation in the EU is "a good thing".

When asked, "What issue would you like the European Parliament to prioritise?" both Greeks (59%) and more than a third of EU member states (36%) put the fight against poverty as their first priority.

The second priority for Greeks is supporting the economy and creating new jobs, with a percentage of 54% (the fourth priority for EU citizens, with a percentage of 29%). The third priority for Greeks is public health (50%), while for other Europeans, health is a second priority (34%). Actions against climate change are the third priority for European citizens (29%, compared to 26% for Greeks).

To the question "Which values ​​should the European Parliament defend as a priority?", 38% of Greeks and Europeans answer first "democracy". Equally important is for 38% of Greeks (22% of Europeans), "solidarity between EU member states and between its regions", while for 36% of Greeks and 25% of Europeans, a priority is also "the rule of law".

Socio-economic difficulties continue to affect many Europeans, even if the indicators improved slightly during the last six months. 73% (down six percentage points from spring 2023) of EU respondents believe their standard of living will worsen in the coming year. Also, 47% of European citizens, against 70% of Greeks (the second highest percentage after Cyprus), believe that their standard of living has already decreased and expect this to happen next year. The majority of respondents in 22 member states believe the same.

For the European elections in June 2024, 58% of Greek respondents say they are interested, compared to 57% of citizens in the EU (6 points higher than in autumn 2018).

77 % of Greeks, against 53% of Europeans, want the European Parliament to play a more important role (majority opinion in 21 member states). Also, to the question, "When will the next European elections be held?" 18% of Greeks, compared to 28% of Europeans, gave the correct answer.

To the question, "If the next European elections were scheduled for next week, how likely would you be to vote?", 75% of Greeks, compared to 68% of Europeans, answered that it is "likely" (nine points higher than in autumn 2018 ). "Neutral" answered 11% of Greeks and "not likely" 12%.

For 63% of Greeks, the first reason they think people vote in the European elections is "to support a political party" (37% in the EU), the second reason is because "it is their duty as citizens", with a percentage 42% (36% in the EU) and the third because they "want to support a certain candidate" with 39% (23% in the EU).

The Eurobarometer was conducted by the research organisation Verian (formerly Kantar Public) between 25 September and 29 October in the 27 EU Member States. Personal interviews were carried out via video links. A total of 26,523 interviews were conducted. EU results were weighted according to each country's population size.

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