ARACHOVA: Brutal torture of a husky made a journalist cry on-air : "I'm so sorry"

arachova husky

As the days go by and the villagers of Arachova keep their mouths shut on who the perpetrator of brutality is, anger is mounting. Oliver's horrific abuse has left no one unmoved. However, it seems that an unprecedented "omerta" prevails.

"The omertà that prevails is unbelievable. I can't believe that a criminal is walking among them, and they blow the whistle indifferently as if nothing is happening," Maria Poultidou, president of the Panhellenic Federation against Animal Abuse, told MEGA.

The unfortunate animal was raped with a sharp object on the evening of Sunday, November 26, while its owner had let it go for its regular walk. Oliver never came back.

He was found hours later, battered, bloodied and with broken ribs. He was immediately taken to a veterinarian, but despite efforts to keep him alive, the unfortunate husky died.

Immediately after, an expert opinion on the dead companion animal was requested from the directorate of the veterinary service of Boeotia.

On Wednesday, the journalist Marianna Georganti appeared on the air of the show "Hour of Greece" in Open to convey the developments regarding the case. The details were so upsetting that she stated to sob, struggling to hold back her tears.

"I have a dog too, I'm so sorry, this has never happened to me on the air before. It's tragic!", she said, trying to contain herself and continue her report.

According to TheTOC, a person allegedly saw the perpetrator of the despicable act, but for the time being, he states that he is afraid to officially report to the authorities.

Later in the day, the husky's owner's lawyer is expected to meet with the man in an attempt to convince him to testify.

In fact, two people with a presence in popular reality games have been included in the "framework" of the investigations, without confirmation by the police at the moment.

The perpetrator of Oliver's abuse faces a sentence of 10 years and a fine of 50,000 euros.

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