Evening rally for Grigoropoulos concludes; 'Syntagma' station on Athens metro reopens

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A rally commemorating the 15th anniversary of the shooting death of student Alexandros Grigoropoulos by police concluded on Wednesday evening at Syntagma Square in Athens.

Participants in the protest march, which started off from Propylea on Panepistimiou Street at 19:00 and headed to parliament, included leftist and antiestablishment groups. A break-off group went to the neighborhood of Exarchia to gather with others at the memorial of Grigoropoulos, on the corners of Tzavella and Messolongiou Streets.

Also held earlier in the day (starting at 12:00) was a rally of high school and university students, who marched to Syntagma Square.

Meanwhile, the metro station 'Syntagma' reopened, and the same is expected for 'Panepistimiou' and 'Monastiraki' stations. In addition, traffic in central Athens is being gradulally restored.

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