Greek Cypriots arrested at anti-Erdoğan protest in Athens: "We will fight until the last Turk is out of Cyprus"

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Greek Cypriot students from the Union of Cypriot Students DRASIS-K.E.S. (Movement of Unity of Salvation), the oldest Cypriot student faction in Athens, were arrested in the Greek capital on Thursday after protesting the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan outside the Turkish embassy.

According to the police, 15 to 20 Greek Cypriot students were arrested outside the embassy, while another 10 Kurdish protesters were also arrested.

Erdoğan is visiting Athens under strict security measures, and the Greek police have banned any outdoor gatherings until 6pm when the Turkish president is pegged to leave.

The protests managed to unfurl a banner which read: “Erdogan, we will fight until the last Turk is out Cyprus.”

The organisation and the National Popular Front political party issued statements that the Greek police’s actions were unacceptable and condemnable.

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