Greek-built high-speed vessels and UCANDRONE quadcopter deployed on islands

20231210 102948

The UCANDRONE Greek quadcopter is being transported on the newly received Munin S1200 Armored personnel transport vessel.

Among other features, these vessels have an armored control room, 12 seats on anti-vibration bases, FLIR, maritime radar, and a system for receiving and providing tactical information. In total, 41 Greek-built fast vessels are being delivered.

Also the newly acquired Munin S1200 Armored personnel transport vessel. This advancement is part of a broader initiative aimed at strengthening the country's coastal security and reinforcing its rapid response capabilities.

The UCANDRONE quadcopter, developed domestically, provides a crucial aerial advantage in reconnaissance and surveillance missions. With its versatile capabilities, including an armored control room, twelve anti-vibration seats, FLIR technology, maritime radar, and an advanced system for receiving and disseminating tactical information, the quadcopter promises to revolutionize Greek amphibious operations.

The recently commissioned Munin S1200 Armored vessel serves as the ideal platform for transporting and deploying the UCANDRONE quadcopter. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, it features a reinforced control room chamber and can accommodate the quadcopter's essential equipment with ease. The vessel's robustness ensures the safe and efficient launch and recovery of the quadcopter during naval operations.

Greece's strategic islands of Rhodes, Chios, Lesbos, Samos, and Kos will notably benefit from this major capability-enhancement initiative. A total of 41 Greek-built fast vessels, including the recently acquired Munin S1200 Armored transport vessels, will be deployed to these locations. This bolstered naval presence aims to fortify Greece's coastal defenses and enhance its response capabilities in the ever-evolving security landscape of the region.


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