Haris Alexiou: I would like to be a better mother

Haris Alexiou

The well-known singer talked about her life and her health problems and revealed what she wished she had done better.

Haris Alexiou gave an interview and revealed, among other things, her repulsion.

Initially, about what she would like to do better, she answered: "To be a better mum."

"I also feel what they [working mothers] feel. I understand a kid who doesn't have his mom – not because he's working; you can be at home and be a horrible mom. Don't just talk about mom anymore because we also live in a time when gender equality and the obligations of both sexes are recognised," she said while speaking to the directors of 24 Media.

And he added: "I lived as a child in a time when people were very cruel. At another time in my life, when I went through a shock with my health, I never got sick, but I saw that I was on the verge of getting sick if I hadn't paid attention to it; I didn't want to deal with it there. It was such a shock that I didn't want to face it. On a diagnosis I had, I had an operation and moved my premiere a week. I thought there was no way this could happen to me. This is what happens to people. A cancer they found in me - I used to say that I have nothing, that it is impossible, I am not sick, and I have nothing - and indeed I did not. Now, how that got out there and how it was communicated is another thing."

She then said: "Because my mother passed away from it, and my father would have something like that because he passed away from cirrhosis of the liver, I didn't think that something happened and caused it to me... I had a mother who seemed very strong; she was a fighter in her life, so I had to be too. This mother has followed me throughout my life and still follows me."

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