A Guide to the Best Gyros Spots in Athens, Where Tradition Meets Modern Delight

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Distinct from souvlaki, the quintessential Grecian delight of gyros stands out as an instantly delectable treat among Athenian street food offerings. Pronounced yee-roe, not guy-ross, these handheld wraps feature expertly sliced chicken or pork from a vertical rotisserie nestled in warm pitta bread with a simple salad and tzatziki.

In Athens, where everyone has their favourite, here are some legendary gyros establishments:

  1. O Kostas
    • Location: 5 Pentelis, Χαυτεία
    • Known for: Nearly 70 years of serving hot, meaty snacks focusing on quality meat, thick pitta, and minimalistic toppings like yogurt and parsley. Arrive early; they often sell out by 3 pm.
  2. Tylixto Greek Wrap
    • Location: 19 Aiolou, Monastiraki
    • Known for: A legendary pork wrap with onion, tzatziki, and fresh potatoes, along with a delicious chicken skewer featuring the joint's tylixto sauce. Quick, easy, and well-priced.
  3. The Greco’s Project
    • Location: 5 Mitropoleos, Syntagma
    • Known for: A slightly upscale take on classic gyros served in modern spaces. The classic chicken gyros in warm pitta are recommended, adorned with lettuce, tomato, and Greco’s special sauce.
  4. Savvas
    • Location: Ermou 91, Psyri
    • Known for Offering both grab-and-go street food and a sit-down experience. Enjoy a Turkish-inspired gyro with chips and a Greek beer or ouzo on the roof terrace, boasting stunning views of the Acropolis.
  5. Cookoomela Grill
    • Location: 6 Kalliga, Gizi
    • Known for: Breaking the stereotype with vegan wraps featuring plant-based meat alternatives like lentils and mushrooms. Their signature sauces, especially the sweet, sugar-free BBQ, add a delightful touch.
  6. O Thanasis
    • Location: 69 Mitropoleos, Monastiraki
    • Known for: An iconic spot since 1964, this bustling restaurant offers a full platter with plump pitta, impeccably seasoned chicken, roasted red peppers, salad, and chips at an affordable price. O Thanasis is one of the 150 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World.
  7. Gyristroula
    • Location: 9 Agion Asomaton Square, Psyri
    • Known for: Strategically located for sightseers near Thissio metro station, Gyristroula boasts gigantic portions, generous servings of chips, rich tzatziki, and hearty and filling gyros, creating a welcoming atmosphere with genuine Greek hospitality—great gyros at a reasonable price.
A Guide to the Best Gyros Spots in Athens, Where Tradition Meets Modern Delight 1

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