The cheapest gyros shop in Greece: You can eat for €2.20

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The price increases in products and items we use every day are continuous.

In fact, consumers have cut several of their favourite habits and pleasures, such as, even the gyros, since its price has increased a lot.

So, a long time ago, someone could buy two gyros' for 4 euros, but that is a thing of the past. Now, with 4 euros, someone buys a single gyros.

"Before the war, a skewer was 2.50-2.60 euros in my shop. At the moment it is 3 euros for collection from the store, 3.30 for delivery. It is an expected increase. We were trying to keep the price there, but I think it will take a while to go higher. There is no decrease in clientele but there is a decrease in consumption. The reason is that people cannot afford to buy two gyros'. They buy a souvlaki. And we tried to adapt to it," said the business owner.

The cheapest gyros shop in Greece

However, there is a gyros shop that has kept the prices low and maybe the cheapest in Greece. Specifically, it is about the shop "Volvi" in Athens, which has cheap prices at the levels before the price increases.

As shown in the price list, the prices range as follows:

Pita with a skewer: 2.20 euros
Pita with two skewers: 3.30 euros
Pita with two souzoukas: 2.20 euros
Pita with four souzoukas: 3.20 euros
Portion with ten skewers: 6.50 euros

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