Galaktoboureko or Galatopita - What do Greeks prefer?

galaktoboureko, milk pie

Viber posed a dilemma concerning two favourite Greek sweets with milk: galaktoboureko and Galatopita.

Your preference for galaktoboureko was evident from the beginning, and in the end, it prevailed with a percentage of 75% compared to only 25% of the Galatopita.


galaktoboureko taste atlas

Galaktoboureko (γαλακτομπούρεκο) is a Greek dessert of semolina-based custard in phyllo. It may be made in a pan, with phyllo layered on top and underneath, or rolled into individual servings (often approximately 10 cm long).

It is served or coated with a clear, sweet syrup. The custard may be flavored with lemon, orange, or rose.



Galatopita (Γαλατόπιτα) is a Greek milk custard pie made without phyllo or crust. Galatopita (sometimes called galopita) is a traditional Greek milk custard pie that is popular in the Peloponnese region of Greece, made especially during Easter.

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