Google Search History 2023: Top Global Queries Revealed

Google Doodle March 21 2022

The annual Google search history for 2023 has been released, revealing the top global queries of the year. The Israel-Hamas war, the Titanic-bound submersible implosion, and devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria were among the top news trends.

Damar Hamlin, a safety with the NFL's Buffalo Bills, was the most searched person, followed by actor Jeremy Renner. In entertainment, "Barbie" was the top trending movie, while "The Last of Us," "Wednesday," and "Ginny and Georgia" were the top trending TV shows.

Yoasobi's "アイドル (Idol)" was the top trending song. Bibimbap was the top trending recipe, and Inter Miami CF led sports team trends. In the US, people searched why eggs, Taylor Swift tickets, and sriracha bottles were expensive, while "rizz" was a popular slang definition inquiry.

Google collected the search results from January 1 to November 27. Other platforms, such as Wikipedia, have also released their annual lists. Google also released top search data "of all time" to celebrate its 25th birthday.

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