Vintage shops in Athens: The 8 best places for clothes from fashion metropolises

Yesterday’s Bread exarchia athens

For several decades, the Greek capital has been a city where one can find interesting, original and functional shops, but second hand shopping is a relatively recent scene, which has flourished in the last 15 years.

Today, there are many types of vintage stores in Athens centre that sell women's and men's goods at a wide range of prices - but mostly at affordable prices. Here, we bring you the top 8 stores to start your stylistic treasure hunt.

Yesterday’s Bread

Yesterday’s Bread

In the bustling district of Exarchia in Athens , "Yesterday's Bread" is celebrating 25 years. The store offers a wide variety of options, combining vintage pieces with second-hand items.

The wide range of options at Yesterday's Bread is tailored to a clientele that has a penchant for unique fashion choices. It includes a wide variety of coats, pants, blouses, dresses and shoes, even kimono for men. The store in Exarchia has become a destination for those looking for subtle styles that stand out from the crowd.

Address: Ioustinianou 2 & Kallidromiou 87-89, Athens,

Vintage Love

Vintage Love

In the heart of Athens, Vintage Love awaits you if you have a passion for original and at the same time affordable fashion items. The store organises bazaars throughout the year, for all seasons, showcasing a wealth of second-hand clothing , accessories and footwear in a wide range of styles and colours.

The prices are graduated and linked to the country of origin of the object, the brand and the style.

Address: 57 Ippokratous, Athens

Hotsy Totsy Athens

Hotsy Totsy Athens

Hotsy Totsy Athens stands out for its affordable collection of vintage casualwear, offering a range of everyday clothing and accessories. The store's shelves are filled with casual and athleisure items such as backpacks, scarves, jeans and t-shirts, as well as more signature pieces such as Hawaiian shirts, dresses and skirts with floral designs, some of which are handmade.

This vintage shop, which debuted five years ago, offers a selection of products mainly sourced from Amsterdam and Italy. Garments designed with various patterns are characterised by their rarity, ensuring customers the exclusivity of their choices. Hotsy Totsy Athens is ideal for those who appreciate the relaxed aspect of vintage fashion.

Address: 77 Ippokratous, Athens,

Αμερικανική Αγορά (Amerkaniki Agora)

Αμερικανική Αγορά (Amerkaniki Agora)

Between Psyrri and Monastiraki, on Athinas Street, the American Market has been a "hidden treasure" since 1975. This vintage haven prides itself on its rich textile world with beloved clothing spanning from the 50's to the 90's.

You can explore an extensive collection of women's and men's clothing and accessories. The store offers not only sales but also rentals of unique pieces, ideal for theater productions, cinema and television. Whether you're looking for a classic denim jacket or an exquisite evening dress, American Market promises a journey through fashion history.

Address: Athenas 30, Athens,

Boho Vintage Clothing

Boho Vintage Clothing athens

Boho Vintage Clothing in Athens offers a selection tailored to those who appreciate bohemian and ethnic fashion. The store has a diverse collection of materials and designs, from handmade leather and wool vests to Indian silk, cotton and lurex garments.

Customers can choose from uniquely styled skirts, dresses and shirts and discover an impressive range of brightly colored Mexican handbags and leather jackets.

Address: 8 Epirou, Athens,

Seven Sisters Athens

Seven Sisters Athens

With only six months of operation, Seven Sisters Athens is a fresh face in the city's vintage fashion market. This boutique is different as it offers a selection of vintage sunglasses, clothing and accessories, all sourced from Spain. Not content with just curating designer brands, it also features unique, upcycled handcrafted items.

The owner, Sofia Eleftheriou, having the element of creativity, incorporates a new touch into the old designs. Thus, he transforms pieces into new items, such as hats, which he adapts to everyone's personal style.

This goes hand in hand with her eye for fashion: she can give vintage fashion items a new lease of life. Seven Sisters is a hymn to sustainable fashion, proving that style and a green philosophy can coexist harmoniously.

Address: 6 Papanikoli, Athens

MINT Vintage Aesthetics

MINT Vintage Aesthetics

MINT Vintage Aesthetics brings a sustainable approach to luxury fashion, offering pre-loved items from high-end brands such as Chanel , Louis Vuitton and Gucci . The store presents a well-curated collection of clothing, accessories and shoes aimed at both women and men, with a variety that includes ties and cufflinks.

Embracing an eco-friendly ethos, the store's online presence echoes its philosophy of making choices that are good for the planet. Additionally, you can find great discounts on vintage luxury handbags online.

Address: 17 Irodotou Street, Athens,



Since 2007, BOHBO has carved out a distinct position as the leading destination for luxury and vintage second-hand fashion in Athens. The store specialises in offering a range of preloved high-end designer goods, including clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from distinguished brands such as Dsquared, Balmain, Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Pucci.

Prices at BOHBO are generally higher than what one finds in typical vintage stores. However, the shopper can also find more affordable pieces, making the allure of luxury fashion accessible to a wider audience.

Address: 99 Mavromichali, Athens,

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