Who is the mysterious Turk with the 70's hair and mustache that went viral on Greek TikTok?

Murat Erdem turk

A Turkish businessman has gone viral on the Greek TikTok, with his eccentric appearance reminding many of the persona of Tonis Sphinos and other celebrities, mainly from the 70s.

41-year-old Turkish man Murat Erdem has been "starring" in viral videos for several months, but recently, he has won new fans in our country thanks to the numerous clips that "place" him in various scenarios of unwanted flirtation, with the background music of Oikonomopoulos' song "Ekptotos Aggelos".

In most of the videos, the mysterious cult figure with the shaggy wool and neat moustache is seen slowly approaching the camera, winking meaningfully and sending his love to those watching the video with an open palm gesture.


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♬ Ekptotos Aggelos - Nikos Oikonomopoulos

Several TikTokers "imagine" Erdem as a would-be heartthrob, using his unconventional appearance to describe an image of the... lack of options in their personal lives. Murat's trend, however, extends to other scenarios at work, at home and even in the army.


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♬ Ekptotos Aggelos - Nikos Oikonomopoulos

But who is the man who recently appears more frequently on the feed of many users on the Greek TikTok?

According to the Turkish site marasmanset.com, the 41-year-old owns a spice and nut shop in a large square in the city of Kahramanmaraş, which appears in the background of many of the most popular videos he has uploaded to TikTok.

His eccentric appearance and preference for 70's clothing, such as bell bottoms, shirts with large collars and tight jackets, stems from his love for the famous Turkish singer and actor Ferdi Tayfur, who has been his role model since his childhood.


♬ Canana Doyulur Mu - Cengiz Kurtoğlu

"We grew up with his songs and movies, and my love for him started from a young age. Also, I miss the 70s, that way of living and dressing," Erdem told the local site a year ago, revealing that he started wearing suits at the age of 12.

Over the years, he began experimenting with different colours and designs, with many townspeople approaching him to compliment him on his style.

He points out that the love people show him makes him happy ,and he happily welcomes customers to his shop who want to see him up close and take his picture.

Erdem's TikTok account has been flooded in the last 24 hours with comments from Greek users under his most popular posts, with many wondering what he might be thinking about the "explosion" of his popularity in our country.

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