Baklava or kataifi - What do Greeks prefer?


The Viber quiz gave us a sweet dilemma: baklava or kataifi?

From the beginning of the match, the two syrups seemed equal, but in the end, the baklava narrowly prevailed with a percentage of 52% compared to the percentage of 48% that the kataifi got. Whatever you voted for, we have, as always, some useful information and, of course, recipes for both.



A favourite baked sweet, made with crusty phyllo, filled with nuts, such as walnuts and pistachios, and covered in syrup. Many countries claim its origin. However, the prevailing theory seems to be that it was created by the Assyrians.

It is a very popular sweet in our country and a trademark but is loved all across the region. It ends a meal nicely while accompanying a coffee, especially the Greek one, very nicely.



Another syrupy pan sweet, which also has a filling usually made of walnut, but instead of crust phyllo it has a special dough, the kataifi sheet. It is a popular sweet in Arab countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, but also in Turkey and Greece.

It goes well with kaimaki ice cream and is a perfect accompaniment to Greek coffee.

Ekmek Kataifi Recipe

Traditional Greek Baklava recipe

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