Explosion outside Piraeus office building causes extensive damage

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An apartment building housing retail stores and offices in Piraeus suffered significant damages overnight after unknown individuals planted and detonated an explosive device at the entrance, police said. No injuries have been reported.

The large building houses a shipping company, law and insurance firms and shops on the ground floor, according to the authorities. It was not immediately clear who the target of the attack was. 

Police said the explosive device was planted at around 1.20 a.m. 

The explosion in Piraeus occurred due to the installation of a mechanism, leading to the destruction of a shoe store and causing severe damage to nearby shops.

A nearby security camera recorded the exact moment of the explosion from a road close to where the device was planted. The footage reveals the camera trembling for a few seconds due to the shock wave, with visible falling dust.

It is important to note that the shock wave caused damage to shops situated 300 meters away from the explosion site.

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