Mataroa Gin's Exclusive Festive Pop-Up: Officina Bar's Delectable Cocktails & Culinary Delights in Athens

The Zillers Pastry Bar The gourmet side of pastry crafted by the Zillers Michelin-starred artistry.

Greek brand Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin is set to enchant Athens, Greece, with a four-day festive pop-up at The Zillers Pastry Bar in collaboration with Milan’s Officina bar. Indulge in the exclusive menu available from December 14th to 17th between 2 pm and 10 pm.

Flying in from Milan, the mastermind behind the cocktail menu is Fabio Cassini, the head bartender at the renowned all-day cocktail bar, Officina. His curated creations for the occasion include the refreshing Citrus Bliss, a blend of Mataroa Gin, basil, lemongrass, and verjus; the enticing Nectar Fusion, featuring Mataroa Gin, honey, pepperoni, and Electric Bitters; the effervescent Bubbles, a mix of Mataroa Gin, creme de cassis, grape, and amaro; and the sophisticated Hanky Fancy, crafted with Mataroa Gin, fernet, vermouth rosso, and cacao bitters.

Elevating the experience further, these delectable drinks can be paired with savoury delights by Pavlos Kyriakis, offering options such as a tantalizing blue lobster roll with green curry mayonnaise and a succulent pork belly tortilla with yogurt and lemon. For those with a sweet tooth, pâtissier Giorges Platinos presents irresistible desserts, including a decadent chocolate crémeux with grué de cacao and spices ice cream.

A spokesperson for Mataroa expressed the festive spirit, stating, “Christmas time at last, and it should be celebrated properly. That’s why we have organized a pairing that truly is second to none.” Throughout the year, Mataroa has collaborated with esteemed bartenders, including Popi Sevastou, Tito Karipidis, Konstantinos Theodorakopoulos, Marcos Chorattides, and Martin Zupina, whose signature creation, the Soferinez, earned a well-deserved spot in our December roundup of best cocktail recipes. Martin Zupina, the head bartender at Mirror Bar in Bratislava, showcased his inventive take on the classic Martinez.

It's worth noting that Mataroa Gin, the star of these extraordinary libations, is distilled and bottled with precision in Greece, encapsulating the essence of Greek craftsmanship and quality.


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