Human Rights Groups Criticize Slow Progress in Investigating Deadly Migrant Shipwreck

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Two major human rights organizations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have criticized the Greek government's investigation into the deadly shipwreck of the Adriana, which claimed the lives of at least 78 migrants in June 2023.

In a joint report released on Thursday, they expressed concerns about the "little meaningful progress" made in the investigation and raised questions about potential shortcomings in the process.

The report cites survivor testimonies and media reports suggesting that the Greek coastguard was slow to respond to the sinking vessel, which was carrying over 700 migrants from Libya to Italy.

Among the concerns highlighted in the report are:

  • Confiscation of survivors' mobile phones: This action may hinder access to crucial evidence about the events leading to the shipwreck.
  • Failure to mobilize adequate resources: Despite receiving an alert about the distressed vessel 15 hours before it capsized, Greek authorities allegedly did not deploy sufficient resources for a timely rescue operation.
  • Potential pushback practices: The report echoes accusations from NGOs and media outlets that the Greek government engages in pushing migrants out of its territorial waters, a practice that violates international law.

The report calls for a thorough and independent investigation into the shipwreck and for the Greek government to be held accountable for any failures that contributed to the tragedy. It also urges Greece to end the practice of pushback and respect the human rights of refugees and migrants.

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